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In Southington Connecticut, 4CT·Bail conveniently serves the town and surrounding areas with a team of agents always ready to serve you. 4CT·Bail offers 24 hour service wherever you are.  In addition to easily accessible bail bondsmen and elite customer service, we maintain close working relationships with some of Connecticut's most reputable attorneys, mental health and substance abuse facilities and rehabilitation groups.  We understand how difficult these situations can be, we are the best bail bond company at making your life easier during some of your hardest times. If you are in need of bail assistance, please call one of our Southington CT Bail Bonds agents for a no-obligation confidential discussion about your situation.

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Southington CT Bail Bonds / 4CT·Bail
209 Westwood Road
Southington, CT 06489

Our #1 priority is to take care of you!

We specialize in providing superior bail bonds services that help our clients get free before their court date. Our service is fast, reliable, and always professional. We strive to help people when they’re in trouble, and for over 15 years in the industry, we’ve done just that. Trust the dedicated Southington CT Bail Bonds professionals who are ready to serve you with 24 hour bail bonds!

Our Mission: To provide quality services, low money down, and a quick resolution of your sensitive needs.

Covering Bristol Superior Court

Geographical Area 17 (Bristol, Burlington, Plainville, Plymouth, Southington.)

Location: 131 N. Main Street, Bristol 06010
Telephone: Clerk's Office: (860)582-8111

Covering Southington Police Department

Location: 69 Lazy Ln, Southington, CT 06489
Telephone: (860) 378-1600

Have someone in jail in Southington? 4CT·Bail can help! Our bail bond agents cover the Southington Police Department daily and we can be there within minutes. We also cover the Bristol Superior Court, we can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the bail process?

The bail bond process is generally the same in police departments across the state of Connecticut. Once the detainee is booked, processed and bail is set; the bond out process can begin. From the time of bond execution to the release of your friend or family member, could be about 1 hour. The time does vary depending on other factors such as lack of staff, holiday, time of day or night, shift change and other situations. Therefore, if you need to bail someone out of jail in any police department in the state, make sure to budget your time accordingly. It could take anywhere from one to three hours.

2. What does a Bail Bondsman do?

A bail bondsman is an authorized individual licensed by the Connecticut Insurance Department to provide bail bond service. Bail bondsmen can facilitate the release of most detained individuals by providing surety bonds. A Bondsman provides a bail bond which is an insurance product that guarantees the appearance of a defendant in court. It involves a legal agreement between the bail agent, insurance company, indemnitor and court that the defendant will show up for all court appearances or be liable for the full amount of the bond to the court.

3. What is a Premium?

Premium is the state regulated rate that is charged for a bail bond. Generally, the purchase price of the bond is between 7% and 10% of the total bond value. The premium is what you will pay for the bail bond; the cost for getting a friend or family member out of jail.

4. What is collateral and how does it work?

Collateral is something of value that is used to secure a debt or ensure payment. Sometimes a bail bond company will receive collateral in order to ensure that the defendant appears in court. Most bail bond collateral is in the form of real estate or cash. A Bail Agency can request that additional money, apart from the premium be given in order to execute bail. Property is usually evaluated based on available equity.

5. Why do I need a co-signer?

The bail bond is a contract between the bail agent (bondsman), the courts, and the person posting the bail (co-signer). Co-signers are used to guarantee the bail bond. They assume a financial responsibility if the defendant does not appear in court. They also, assume financial responsibility for any unpaid premium.

6. When do I have to pay my Bail Bond balance?

Full payment is due within 15 months of the bond execution date. Payments can be made weekly, bi-weekly and/or monthly. Time between payments cannot exceed 45 days.

Southington CT Bail Bonds, 4CT·Bail 860-250-9670
Southington CT Bail Bonds, 4CT·Bail 860-250-9670

Southington , CT Police Dept

69 Lazy Lane, Southington, CT

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Southington CT Bail Bonds, 4CT·Bail 860-250-9670

Southington Bail Bonds Office

Company: 4CT·Bail

Location: Southington, CT. 06001

Telephone: 860-250-9670

  Hours of Operation: * 24 Hours *

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